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Quick Assist is the path for getting clients and consultants together…for just a few minutes.

Face it. Getting expert advice is painful – for clients and consultants.

It’s time consuming, costly, and contractually cumbersome.

On the client side, sometimes you just need a few minutes of support, not a full day or more.

On the consultant side, there’s a lot of dead time. According to industry experts, 25% to 35% of consultants' time is non-billable - even in the Big 4.

With Quick Assist, both sides win.

Our team is amazing.

Quick Assist was started as an internal app at Organizational Performance Systems. The objective was to help people connect to experts when they were using Organizational Performance Systems' apps for analysis, planning, and project management.

We quickly realized that Quick Assist could be much more impactful as a stand alone company.

Now, Quick Assist is a team of organizational performance experts and a development team in San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Kie Hill

Prior to leading Quick Assist, Kie marketed exclusive brands including Tibaldi, Koenigsegg, the SPEED channel, Rossion, and DUB magazine. She was also one of Organizational Performance Systems' key business development leaders.

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Team Atmosphere…Having Fun…a Serious Mission

Changing an industry is never easy. That’s why we need all stars.

We need innovators for engineering, design, and sales and marketing. If you’ve got skills and are wired for success, you’re our kind of people.

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