We built Quick Assist

because everyone’s time is valuable.

Our Consultants

The consultants in the Quick Assist network cover virtually every industry and area of expertise.

You create your best match by making various point-and-click selections – industry, expertise, certifications, education, etc.

Quick Assist presents the best options based on your criteria. At that point, you can pick the expert that fits your needs and start the contact process.

Want to Add a Consultant to the Network?

If you have a consultant you really love working with, but the purchasing process is just too hard, too long, or too whatever…have them sign up in Quick Assist and get started today.

Your Ratings Are Important

We maintain the quality of the Quick Assist network by using a 5-star rating method. Clients and consultants rate each other.

Badges are awarded to Quick Assist users for certain activities and accomplishments. They are an indication to others of how active one is in the QA.

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