General Questions

Why did you create Quick Assist?

Because everyone’s time is valuable and getting expert advice for solving critical business issues is time consuming, costly, and contractually cumbersome — for both clients and consultants. According to industry experts, 25% to 35% of consultants’ time is often not billable — even in the Big 4. QA helps make that time worth something. And oftentimes, clients just need a few minutes of support, not a full day or more. QA provides an avenue to get the necessary help. So both sides of the engagement win!

What types of issues are best for QA?

Quick Assist is great for those involved in executive coaching, organizational transformation, business optimization, and process improvement/lean. Any business issue involving strategy, planning, concept review, project management, or measurement is perfect for engaging a QA Expert.

How long is the typical Quick Assist engagement?

We designed Quick Assist to provide clients with a way to get a few minutes of support, realizing there will be exceptions.

How can I help build the Quick Assist network?

You can tell your colleagues — clients and consultants — about it! Send them this link: www.quickassistnow.com, or invite them via your system.

How does Quick Assist maintain quality control of the consulting network?

Every consultant in Quick Assist has come via a professional reference. Each element of every consultant’s profile is reviewed to make sure the info is appropriate. Once an engagement finished, the client and consultant provide feedback on their experiences. If either party fails to maintain a sufficient rating, they may be removed from the network. So, across the board, the network is highly collaborative, self-sustaining, and very professional!

Can I use Quick Assist if I'm outside the U.S.?

Of course! You can use it anywhere you can access a browser. The beauty of QA is that it can truly connect people with the toughest questions to experts, regardless of location.

How do I request assistance from the Quick Assist Team?

Just email the Quick Assist Team at support@quickassistnow.com. The link to the Support Team is also in each email you receive from us and on the footer of each page of the application. So, there are plenty of ways to stay in touch!

What if I forget my password?

Just go to I forgot my password and you can easily reset it.

What is an "engagement"?

An engagement occurs when a client requests consulting and advisory services and a consultant provides those services.

How does the engagement process work?

A standard Quick Assist engagement has the following steps.
  1. A client performs a search in regard to a particular issue.
  2. The client gets a list of consultants that match the search criteria.
  3. The client selects a consultant that best fits their needs and a "request" is sent to the consultant.
  4. The consultant agrees to support the request (if the consultant declines, there is no engagement, and the client selects another consultant).
  5. The client and consultant agree to meet via an appropriate media.
  6. The client and consultant meet.
  7. At the end of the meeting, the client and consultant agree on the time that elapsed during the engagement (Total Engagement Time)
  8. The consultant enters the time (Total Engagement Time) in the QA application.
  9. The client is charged and the consultant is paid via QA.

Why are ratings important?

The 5-star rating method is how we maintain the quality of the QA network. Both consultants and clients are rated by each other.

What are badges and why are they important?

Badges are awarded to users for certain activities and accomplishments. They are an indication to others of how active one is in the QA network.

Is Quick Assist secure?

Yes...very. It is SSL encrypted and hosted in a HIPAA/ISO/FedRAMP/FISMA compliant data center.

For Consultants

How does Quick Assist benefit me?

It's a great way to make down time valuable. With non-billable time as high as 35% annually, that’s 700 hours of missed opportunity each year. Making that time billable adds to your top line.

Why would the consultants on my team want to use Quick Assist?

Because they’ll help your organization grow. Quick Assist provides access to many new engagement opportunities.

Clients often call to ask me for advice and the time is rarely billable. Is there a best practice for asking them to use Quick Assist?

Yes. Just say, "I'm very happy to help, but would you mind if we do it via Quick Assist?" Then all you need to do is talk them through the initial registration process — and don’t forget to have them make you a favorite! For clients, the engagement will represent a small, few-minute expense. For you, it represents revenue rarely realized in the past. You can Refer a Colleague right from your Quick Assist Dashboard.

How do I know when a client requests me for an engagement?

You’ll get an email alert asking you to review the request.

Can I decline an engagement that doesn't seem to be a good fit for me?


What if I get a long term engagement via Quick Assist?

We’ll be happy for you! We aren’t trying to wedge our way into your business.

How does a client know when I look at their engagement request?

They will see that information on the "engagements" page of their dashboard.

How much does it cost for me to use Quick Assist?

Nothing, Nada, Ziltch, Zero.

Can I charge a premium price?

Not at this time.

How do I get paid?

It’s automatic. Once you’re selected for your first engagement, you’ll be prompted to enter the info necessary to get you paid. The Quick Assist system makes payments twice each month based on each consultant’s activity.

Who can see my payment information?

No one. It’s encrypted in our database and throughout the payment process.

How much information should I put in my profile?

As much as you think it takes to (1) clearly describe your expertise and (2) differentiate you from others.

How am I protected if a call is disconnected prior to my confirming the engagement time?

Clients must provide their payment information prior to engaging with you. If a call is disconnected prior to confirming the engagement time, the first step would be for you to call back and get confirmation. If that fails, you’re expected to fairly enter the engagement time in the application and the client will be billed. If the two parties disagree on the time (we imagine that any differences will be a matter of just a few minutes), there is a dispute process managed by the Quick Assist team.

How do I register the payment information for a team of consultants?

We can do a batch registration. Please contact us.

If I register a team of consultants, how can I track who did what during the month?

You’ll see that information in a report via your dashboard.

Can I link my profile to my website?

Not at this time. Once you’re connected to a client via an engagement, you can share additional information.

For Clients

How does Quick Assist benefit me?

It’s instant, cost effective support from well qualified experts — when you need it…and with no contracting delays. You do a search, find the right resource, and…BAM…you can get started.

How do I select the consultant that's right for me?

Once you login, use the various selections (e.g., industry, expertise) to create your optimal match. The Quick Assist application will run a search and present the consultants who fit your criteria. At that point, you can decide which expert best fits your needs and start the contact process.

How do I know when a consultant looks at my engagement request?

You'll see the status on your dashboard.

What happens if the consultant declines my engagement request?

You can return to the search screen and select another.

How much does it cost to use Quick Assist?

There is no cost to search the QA network. When you actually request an engagement, you are charged a minimum fee of 6 minutes, which is credited toward the total cost of the engagement. Once you engage with your selected consultant, it’s just US$3.99 per minute, minus the credit.

What payment methods are accepted by Quick Assist?

Credit card or retainer account. For more info on establishing a retainer pool, please contact us.

How is a Quick Assist charge displayed on my credit card statement?


My company does not provide corporate credit cards. Is there another payment method?

Your organization may establish a retainer pool that selected employees can debit from. Please contact us for more information.

Who can see my credit card information?

No one. It’s encrypted in our database, as well as throughout the payment process.

Can I have a consultant do a short term task (such as research an issue or review a document) and then call me back when they are done?

Yes. You and the consultant will agree in advance on a time limit (2 hours, for example). The consultant will enter that time in Quick Assist and your credit card will be charged. At that point, the consultant will perform the agreed to task.

As a client, is there an easy way to contact a consultant I like?

Yes. You can tag a consultant as a favorite. Then, just click the "Favorite Consultants" button on your dashboard when you are ready to start an engagement.

What if I want to add a consultant to the network?

That’s easy. Just send them a link to Quick Assist and have them register. Once they’re in the system, you can make them one of your favorites for easy access.

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